Work Packages and Deliverables

The project activities are organized into six work packages, with specific tasks allocated to each work package.

Work Package 1: Project management and coordination

WP1 Lead: Motor Oil Hellas (MOH)

Objectives: (1) to coordinate all project activities and ensure effective cooperation among partners; (2) to ensure the project meets its contractual commitments (deliverables, milestones, quality, etc.); (3) to facilitate the anticipated outcome of the project through monitoring of progress, management of resources and coordination of activities.

D1.1 Project Handbook and Risk Register, Data Management Plan

D1.2 Periodic Activity and Technical Report

D1.3 Periodic (Final) Activity and Technical Report

Work Package 2: Requirements and Enablers implementation

WP2 Lead: Semantic Web Company (SWC)

Objectives: (1) to elicit, analyse and define in detail the requirements of the vertical use cases; (2) design the UNDERPIN technical requirements specification for the end-to-end UNDERPIN Data Space, including components and the overall architecture and integration; (3) this WP takes care to provide and integrate the UNDERPIN Data Space components.

D2.1 UNDERPIN requirements and enablers adaptation mid-term report, review of relevant regulatory and standardization landscape, plan for implementation of pre-standardization activities.  PUBLIC

D2.2 UNDERPIN requirements and enablers adaptation final report.  PUBLIC

Work Package 3: Data Space Operational Infrastructure


Objectives: (1) Put in place the tools and operational practices to support governance, data sovereignty and federation; (2) establish data-sharing interoperability facilitating the creation, use, transfer and effective exchange of data; (3) enable the evolution of the UNDERPIN infrastructure initially for the support of the trials and then to a production-ready infrastructure; (4) guide the seamless integration of the UNDERPIN experimentation services into the testbeds; (5) expose proper interfaces to enable the onboarding and execution of the already identified UC owners as well as the prospective ones; (6) ease the integration of various streams and technological enablers; (7) establish data-sharing trustworthiness by Designing trust mechanisms and processes including smart contracts; (8) Ensure the proper operations of the UNDERPIN experimentation fabric and testbeds while executing the trials in a secure manner and establish security guidelines for the production phase.

D3.1 UNDERPIN dataspace infrastructure, mid-term deployment and integration report  PUBLIC

D3.2 UNDERPIN dataspace infrastructure, final deployment and integration report  PUBLIC

Work Package 4: Use cases for data space demonstration and validation


Objectives: (1) plan and set the use cases for experimenting, testing, and validating specific KPIs and KVIs; (2) implement two UCs in critical manufacturing industries (oil refinery production, wind farms); (3) engage with UCs (users and stakeholders) to address their requirements in iterations and capture new use case requirements which should be further addressed; (4) demonstrate ability to scale up the UNDERPIN DS during production phase; (5) build upon lessons learned and provide feedback to enhance the UNDERPIN data space ahead of the production phase; (6) share lessons-learned and good-practise with other stakeholders to define European test and training data sets and provide support in the establishment of new Testing and Experimentation Facilities for Manufacturing; (7) create a pilot for the first digital product passports (DPPs) and plan the deployment of DPPs for new stakeholders.

D4.1 Use case planning report

D4.2 Use Case Validation & Lessons learnt, mid-term and final report   PUBLIC

D4.3 Digital Product Passports

Work Package 5: Business plan and sustainability

WP5 Lead: Harokopio University (HUA)

Objectives: (1) ) develop and provide the legal framework for the UNDERPIN data space by provision of contract and other legal templates and best practises; (2) develop a feasible and sustainable business model for the UNDERPIN Data Space and conduct concrete actions for commercializing the dataspace service; (3) analyse the market and develop and implement an operator model to ensure sustainability and identify potential operators; (4) develop and specify a commercialisation action plan to be implemented in WP6.

D5.1 Existing business models assessment  PUBLIC

D5.2 Trust creation processes design   PUBLIC

D5.3 Business, engagement and commercialisation plan

Work Package 6: Communication, Dissemination and Scale Out

WP6 Lead: Tiko Pro (TP)

Objectives: (1) promote the UNDERPIN Data Space and populate it and thereby to create impact; (2) efficiently communicate and disseminate the project aims and results as well as UNDERPIN dataspace; (3) raise awareness among the specified target groups; (4) community building with multipliers; (5) promote awareness of sustainability, circularity and green issues arising from our project and of relevant EU-wide initiatives and expert groups; (6) build and establish a populated UNDERPIN Data Space for Manufacturing in Europe with an established community of Data Space participants.

D6.1 Integrated Communication, Exploitation and Dissemination Plan (initial design) PUBLIC
D6.2 Final Communication, Exploitation, Dissemination and Pre-standardisation Plan and Activities report   PUBLIC