Use Cases

Real-world demonstrators in the field of dynamic asset management and predictive maintenance in refineries and wind farms

Discover the Power of UNDERPIN Data Space with Two Dynamic Pilots

Our two pilots serve as real-world demonstrators in dynamic asset management and predictive maintenance, spotlighting the full potential of UNDERPIN Data Space. With a focus on refineries and wind farms, these pilots highlight cross-domain data utilization, management methods, analytics, and valuable lessons learned. By exemplifying best practices, they pave the way for future implementation, fostering the expansion of Data Space mechanisms.

These initiatives validate the benefits of industrial data sharing, particularly enhancing operations for SMEs, the primary stakeholders in these sectors. Join us as we showcase innovation and drive impactful change.

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Join us as we showcase innovation and drive impactful change.


The primary objective of UC1 is to enhance operational efficiency, streamline maintenance processes, and optimize decision-making regarding preventive maintenance scheduling. The aim is to minimize downtime and its adverse effects on production capabilities by addressing anomalies spanning the entire production chain, not limited to individual components.

UNDERPIN Data Space (DS) Solution:

The UNDERPIN DS initiative is focused on developing a robust Data Space Technical Infrastructure to generate new predictive models. These models will leverage historical data and datasets sourced from equipment vendors and peer organizations, such as plant operators with similar equipment.

Industry Leading Example:

For nearly a decade, industry-leading refinery operators like Motor Oil Hellas (MOH) have made substantial investments in digitizing their production data. This involves deploying sensors and cyber-physical systems to collect and manage a vast amount of raw data. Various sensors, including those for pressure, temperature, vibration, and axial displacement, contribute to the data stream. Current processes analyze these data streams on an hourly basis to detect abnormalities and predict the behavior of individual compressors, enabling proactive identification of potential issues.

Objectives of UC1:

  • to collect, process and quality control data volumes exceeding 2 TB / year from a variety of sources;
  • to establish new predictive models that exploit data sets emerging from ongoing vendor measurements and observations from operational use;
  • to expand scope of the predictive maintenance processes so as to detect anomalies associated with more complex observations
  • to establish a subset of the data which are sanitized (cleaned, anonymized) and annotated so that they may guide the development of new algorithms and models by third party users/providers.


Within Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs), sensitive electrical systems and critical mechanical components installed inside the nacelle and the tower are prone to failures. While electrical failures are more frequent, mechanical failures, such as those in the gearbox, bearings, shafts, yaw, and pitch systems, are costly and have a significant impact on WTG performance, leading to prolonged downtimes, high maintenance costs, and production losses.

Monitoring Techniques:

Various monitoring techniques are employed to track the health of WTGs. Sensors collect functional parameters and data, including temperatures, oil pressure, bearing vibration, wind speed, and phase currents, to monitor the condition of the turbines.

Under the context of UNDERPIN, separated sets of meteorological data, sensors` data and failures data that are already available, which cover a period that spans from 2 to 10 years, are to be used for predictive analyses & maintenance purposes.

The UNDERPIN Data Space is meticulously crafted to be durable, secure, and fully compliant with EU standards. Our goal is to establish new benchmarks for performance, cost reduction, and durability in industrial applications, paving the way for innovation and excellence.

SMEs, clusters, associations, international networks and initiatives, join us on our journey!