UNDERPIN updates: Technical Requirements Workshop Vienna

13 Feb, 2024
workshop vienna january

The technical workshop held in Vienna on January 25th and 26th, 2024, served as a significant milestone for the UNDERPIN project, focusing on the development of a comprehensive data space tailored for manufacturing excellence. UNDERPIN’s core objective is to establish a sustainable data space solution facilitating dynamic asset management and predictive/prescriptive maintenance, thus unleashing the full potential of industrial data for value-added services.

During the workshop, project partners delved into detailed discussions on two crucial fronts: defining use cases and shaping the architecture of the UNDERPIN Data Space. The aim was to demonstrate how the data space would operate and the benefits it would provide, with a specific focus on two key use cases – refinery operations and wind farms.

By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and adhering to EU standards and GAIA-X guidelines, UNDERPIN aims to establish a secure and trusted data infrastructure, empowering stakeholders to maximize the value of their data. Throughout the workshop, partners actively exchanged ideas and insights, with presentations showcasing each partner’s expertise and contributions to the project. The collaborative atmosphere, characterized by active participation and open discussions, ensured a fruitful outcome.

The seamless organization of the workshop was made possible by the efforts of partners from the Semantic Web Companyand the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, who facilitated an ideal environment for productive discussions and knowledge exchange.

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