UNDERPIN project presented at Data Space Symposium 2024

2 Apr, 2024
DS Symposium 2024

The UNDERPIN project made its first strong and vibrant appearance at the Data Space Symposium 2024 held in Darmstadt, Germany, on 12-14 March, with active participation from project partners Motor Oil Hellas, Semantic Web Company, Watermelon, and INNOV-ACTS.

This year’s Data Spaces Symposium, renowned as the premier event on data spaces globally, attracted nearly 1000 attendees from around the world. Hosted by the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) and the Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA), this symposium holds significant importance for leaders in data space innovation and strategy. It provides a vital platform for unveiling the latest market-ready use cases, showcasing advanced technology solutions for both established and emerging data spaces, and highlighting the foundational work undertaken by the DSSC to develop a blueprint for common European data spaces, in alignment with the European Data Strategy.

During the second day, as part of the Data Spaces for Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Logistics session, Mr Panagiotis Georgiou from Motor Oil Hellas (MOH) succinctly outlined the UNDERPIN project actions. The project will explore the potential of data spaces in critical infrastructure within the manufacturing sector. Leveraging data for predictive maintenance in oil & gas refineries and wind turbines will significantly enhance operational efficiency, ensuring optimal performance levels.

The event provided ample networking opportunities, allowing fruitful interactions with various industry players, including academia, cloud services providers, regulators, AI specialists, legal experts, and developers.

All exciting discussions and panels converged to identify the pressing need for clarifying business models that can serve dataspaces endeavors and boost their impact towards a digital European economy. In response to this need, UNDERPIN will join forces with other established data spaces in the manufacturing sector to deliver a trustworthy and viable platform for efficient and industry-serving data sharing.

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