UNDERPIN project in the new Data Spaces Radar Report

18 Mar, 2024

A notable mention in the  Data Spaces Radar Report, edition March, 2024, is the emergence of UNDERPIN data space, which is making significant strides in enhancing how data is shared and utilized. Although specific details on UNDERPIN data space are kept concise in this overview, their inclusion underscores the report’s commitment to showcasing innovative and impactful data-sharing models.

In the realm of digital innovation and data management, the Data Spaces Radar emerges as a cornerstone tool, facilitating a cohesive and comprehensive view of the data space ecosystem globally. Created and maintained by the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), this platform plays a pivotal role in bringing visibility, fostering transparency, and encouraging the evolution of data spaces across various industries.

Central Repository and Global Insights

The Data Spaces Radar acts as the central repository for all data space endeavors, providing an accessible and detailed overview of various initiatives across the globe. With nearly 150 entries, including 24 from the manufacturing industry, the Data Spaces Radar underscores the tangible reality of data spaces in operation today. It offers insights into 18 different sectors, showcasing the global expansion of data spaces, their technical transparency, and the new stages of development they are reaching. This comprehensive approach allows for a deep understanding of how data spaces are evolving and interacting across different industries and regions.

One of the key functions of the Data Spaces Radar is to enhance the visibility of data space initiatives, allowing them to be recognized and valued within the wider data community. The platform encourages knowledge-sharing and collaborative efforts among organizations, inspiring innovative approaches to data-driven solutions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and optimization.

The Data Spaces Radar not only serves as a showcase for data space projects but also as a hub for networking and community engagement. This environment invites constructive feedback from peers, leading to the refinement and enhancement of projects. Furthermore, the opportunity to compare use cases with others provides invaluable insights for improvement and optimization.

Important milestone for UNDERPIN

Grasping the significance of the Data Spaces Radar elucidates the importance of featuring the UNDERPIN project within the Data Spaces Radar Report and collaborating with the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA). This is for sure an important milestone in the project`s development.

The UNDERPIN project is presented on the 26 of the March edition, of the Data Spaces Radar Report.

Link: Data Spaces Radar 

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