The First General Assembly of the UNDERPIN project

17 May, 2024

As we entered the sixth month of the UNDERPIN project, the first General Assembly (GA) was held on May 14-15, 2024, in Limassol, Cyprus.

Hosted by INNOV-ACTS, the two-day UNDERPIN General Assembly included presentations from each Work Package lead, showcasing the outputs achieved in the first six months and presenting activities planned for the upcoming period.

All partners were present at the GA and actively participated in the meetings. Numerous discussions emerged during the presentations, with each lead challenging the partners to address important questions that arose.

Although we are yet to accomplish the most important technological progress, we have reached planned milestones thanks to the intensive collaboration between the project partners. We have successfully submitted the deliverable D1.1 Project Handbook and Risk Register, Data Management Plan, and the deliverable D6.1 Integrated Communication, Exploitation and Dissemination Plan (initial design) which is finalized and will be submitted in the coming days.

A series of datathons are in the pipeline, with two more deliverables expected to be prepared in the next three months. We are continuing to open more doors for collaboration with similar initiatives, organizations, and SMEs to find and develop data spaces for manufacturing that will innovate the way the data is shared and exchanged and open new opportunities for all users of the data space.

The most critical moment has arrived, and we are now more focused on developing the UNDERPIN Data Space, solving technical challenges, and establishing business models that will make the UNDERPIN Data Space a sustainable ecosystem.

The General Assembly also included sessions led by our Communication and Dissemination Board (chaired by Tiko Pro), and the Sustainable Ecosystem Board (chaired by Motor Oil Hellas).

More great news and updates are on the way. We invite all interested parties to follow us on LinkedIn or to subscribe to our website.

The official start of the UNDERPIN project was announced at the Kick-off Conference on December 19, 2023, in Athens, organised by the Project Coordinator Motor Oil (Hellas). The UNDERPIN project has received funding from the Digital Europe Programme under grant agreement No 101123179.

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