Paper presentation at the Workshop on Semantics in Dataspaces

5 Jun, 2024
SDS paper presentation UNDERPIN 2

At the Second International Workshop on Semantics in Dataspaces (SDS), co-located with the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2024), May 26 – 27, 2024, Hersonissos, Greece, our consortium partners AIT and SWC presented their paper.   

The Extended Semantic Web Conference is a key event for exploring the latest advancements and innovations in semantic technologies. Among others, one workshop was dedicated to semantics in dataspaces (Semantics in Dataspaces workshop – SDS2024). 

This event provided an opportunity to present a paper on Adapting Ontology-based Data Access for Data Spaces (Andresel, M., Siska, V., David, R., Schlarb, S., & Weißenfeld, A.) which was accepted. Mrs Medina Andresel from AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, and Mr Robert David from Semantic Web Company, had the privilege of presenting the publication.   

Publication: Adapting Ontology-based Data Access for Data Spaces 

The paper Adapting Ontology-based Data Access for Data Spaces delves into the pressing need for robust frameworks to manage and exchange data efficiently amidst the exponential growth of data across diverse sectors, particularly in advancing AI models. It highlights the data spaces as a viable solution, facilitating seamless data exchange while upholding data sovereignty.

The overview of data space landscapes is accompanied by a focus on Semantic Web standards’ pivotal role in achieving interoperability and fostering data sharing. Starting with use cases in crisis management and manufacturing (mentioning UNDERPIN data space as an example), the paper outlines specific requirements for addressing DS challenges and advantages. The paper introduces the IDS Data Space Architecture and scrutinizes the significance of Semantic Web standards for data sharing.

Additionally, it provides insights into enhancing interoperability within data spaces through examples of searching using Ontology-based Data Access (ODBA). Finally, the paper delves into the process of setting up a data space, publishing data for an OBDA-based search, and conducting the search itself. 

Download the paper Adapting Ontology-based Data Access for Data Spaces 

Workshop Overview 

The workshop provided an opportunity for networking as well as the social event organised in the evening. One of the outcomes of the workshop is a W3C community group, set up to continue the collaboration: The W3C community group

Interesting discussions about Solid, IDS and Gaia-X, and the advancements in the field of dataspaces took place, while the community expressed its interest to follow up in the next event.  

If you wish to learn more about the semantic interoperability inside and between data spaces, join us at the next workshop October 1st, 2024, in Budapest,  Hungary. 

More about the Workshop on Semantic Interoperability in Data Spaces

Congratulations to our consortium partners for this achievement.

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