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Consortium Partners

In an ambitious move towards a more interconnected, efficient and sustainable manufacturing landscape in Europe, 11 organisations from 5 EU countries have come together in the UNDERPIN project.

Motor Oil Hellas (MOH)

Motor Oil MOH logo

Motor Oil is a prominent player in the Greek petroleum refining and trading industry. It operates one of Europe’s largest and most modern refineries, located in Agioi Theodoroi, Corinth, Greece. The refinery excels in processing crude oil to yield a comprehensive range of petroleum products and holds a key position in the lubricants market, manufacturing and marketing its in-house brand of lubricants.

Motor Oil refinery has a processing capacity of 185000 BPD, making it a crucial supplier of petroleum products to Greece, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Motor Oil stands as a significant contributor to Greece’s economic well-being and plays a pivotal role in ensuring the country’s energy security.

Motor Oil is consistently striving to enhance the efficiency and productivity of its refinery by embracing digital technologies that could further optimize operations and contribute to a greener future. Enhanced safety, optimized processes, sustainable practices, advanced automation systems, big data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies are the cornerstones of the digital transformation at Motor Oil that enable the refinery to operate with precision, monitor performance in real-time, and leverage data-driven insights to optimize its operations.

Motor Oil is the coordinator of UNDERPIN project, will provide the cloud environment, lead the necessary legal framework and implement UC1: Collection, processing, and quality control of large volumes of data from various sources to produce models that will be used to detect anomalies across an extended production chain, including complex observations and equipment interactions.

Official web page: Motor Oil Hellas

Athena Research Center (ARC)

Athina ARC logo
ARC is a Research and Innovation Centre on Information Technologies. ARC participates through the Information Management Systems Institute (IMSI). IMSI conducts research in data management and large-scale information systems, holding significant expertise in the areas of Big Data, and Data Science. The research at IMSI has a strong collaborative aspect, and ranges from basic to applied research. The collaborative aspect is expressed in that research is conducted with national and international partners from industry as well as academia, often also in the context of novel and innovative projects.

ARC has been leading national and EU efforts in core areas of the Data Economy, applying its expertise in a cross-disciplinary setting to push the state-of-art, empower the industry and young innovators, and exploit its research output. ARC serves in BDV PPP Steering and Technical Committees, follows guidelines of IDS(A), BDVA and GAIA-X, and is part of European Digital Innovation Hub for Digital Governance.

Official web page: Athena Research Center (ARC)

Semantic Web Company (SWC)


Semantic Web Company is the leader in semantic AI solutions for industrial use with its vision: AI you trust! We deliver AI solutions for Informed decision making.
For over 15 years, we have been advancing technology to enable our customers to leverage machine learning, NLP/LLMs and graph technologies at the core of our semantic technologies. The names may change, but not the challenges.

We are proud to have risen from pioneer to market leader. We innovate and act sustainably. With our core product PoolParty Semantic Suite we server 150+ customers worldwide in the field of Metadata-, Information-, and Data Management.

Official web page: Semantic Web Company


Watermelon logo

Watermeλon is an SME from Greece, which offers niche consulting services in the fields of decarbonization and digitalization across the maritime, energy and transportation sectors, with the goal of guiding societal and industrial stakeholders to a safe journey towards financial and environmental sustainability, emphasizing on technology analysis and application studies, market analysis and due diligence, regulatory and policy framework analysis, investment analysis and project financing. In the UNDERPIN project, Watermeλon will coordinate the execution of the use cases, providing expertise in energy data analytics, with a focus on the technical implementation of predictive maintenance for the refinery and the wind farms. Additionally, WM will provide support and guidance on the industrial processes for which smart contracts could be implemented, which in turn could be used to produce digital passports for equipment across the supply chain.

Official web page: WATERMELON

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

AIT’s Data Science & Artificial Intelligence unit (DSAI) offers Data Science research services for scalable Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. The multidisciplinary team provides data science consulting and solutions for making informed decisions based on large, heterogeneous, and real-time data under strict conditions of IT security and data protection.

DSAI provides expertise for each step in a data science workflow covering the key phases data aggregation and normalization, data analytics, data visualization, as well as data publication and preservation. All these phases can be built on strong security measures, providing privacy, confidentiality, and integrity. DSAI applies this workflow in three thematic areas: Industrial Data Science, Data Science for Public Security, and Cultural Data Science.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a complex and diverse research field, ranging from technical to ethical and legal aspects. Applying AI solutions responsibly in a socio-technological environment requires comprehensive understanding and control of all components and technologies. This orchestration of disciplines such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering is the focus of the AIT research field Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Official web page: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Tiko Pro (TP)

Tiko Pro (TP) is a distinguished project management company and business consultancy. As a certified and award-winning partner, TP boasts a proven track record in acquiring EU funding. Its core business focuses on facilitating innovation across the EU through R&D and deployment financial schemes. Having been actively engaged in numerous EU and nationally funded proposals, providing technical assistance for proposal preparation for over a decade, Tiko Pro’s expertise extends to developing and coordinating communication and dissemination plans.

For EU/nationally funded projects, effectively promoting actions and results to diverse audiences and disseminating outcomes through various media channels is imperative, requiring a strong commitment throughout the entire project life-cycle. A strategic media presence enhances awareness of the project’s initiatives and contributes to the sustainability of its outcomes and deliverables.

While the execution of these activities is a critical component of the project, the experienced and dedicated team at Tiko Pro possesses refined expertise to fully support consortium partners in its effective implementation.

Tiko Pro assumes the lead role in ‘WP 6: Communication and Dissemination’ and chairs the Communication and Dissemination Board (CDB) of the UNDERPIN project.

Official web page: Tiko Pro


INNOV is a solutions integrator, with experience in asset management and a track record of collaboration in the industrial sector.

In this project, INNOV will collaborate with end user partners Motor Oil Hellas (MOH) and Motor Oil Renewables (MORE) extending already existing collaboration towards improving the quality of the refinery dataset; in the context of the Dataspace, MOH will provide primary data assets in and INNOV will access the primary data assets to develop secondary data assets and apps. Regarding the Dataspace infrastructure, it will contribute to the smart contract implementation and integration.

The company will be involved in the use cases’ definition, set up and operations. It will support the scale out of the existing embryonic data space facilitating the data sharing and exchange of information.

INNOV experts have a deep understanding of leading-edge ICT technologies including enterprise software technologies, cloud computing, BigData and IoT. INNOV acts as the system / Data Space integrator of UNDERPIN and thereby is leading WP3.

Official web page: INNOV-ACTS

Space Hellas (SPH)

Space hellas logo

Space Hellas is a leading Digital Integrator and Value-add Service Provider, with an international presence in the field of telecommunications, IT and security. The company has been at the center of technological developments since 1985, offering the market a wide range of integrated solutions and high-tech services supported by a state-of-the-art technical network. Our aim is to support our customers and to enable new business and operation models in their digital journey.

SPACE Hellas R&D Department has experience in the field of various domains including cybersecurity, software development and integration through its participation in many EU, ESA and National collaborative R&D projects, as well as in national large-scale system integration projects, for which it develops cutting-edge technologies, products and services for the enterprise, government and defence sectors. In UNDERPIN we will be mainly supporting the execution of the project’s use cases on the Motor Oil infrastructure.

Official web page: Space Hellas

Motor Oil Renewable Energy (MORE)
MORE logo

MORE (Motor Oil Renewable Energy) is a subsidiary company of the Motor Oil Group and is dynamically active in the field of clean energy production.

The company is currently operating ~839MW of Wind/PV/Hydro Assets and it has new upcoming projects which will strengthen the existing RES portfolio with an additional number of 21 wind farms and 7 storage units. Energy management constitutes a key activity and expertise of the company, which is one of the largest Aggregators in Greece. MORE has a portfolio of renewable and storage projects in various stages of development of more than 2.3 GW. The company grows rapidly with responsibility and consistency, implementing, through strategic investments and collaborations, projects of great value. MORE’s vision is, through the innovative development of its units and services, to produce more clean energy, and create more alternatives for a sustainable future for all.

With a vision to play a leading role in the energy transition and in the field of renewable energy sources (RES), the Motor Oil Group, in May 2022, came to an agreement with Ellaktor Group. With this agreement, MORE becomes one of the largest producers of energy from renewable sources, reaching 800MW of capacity in operating projects and a portfolio totalling circa 2.3 GW which is under construction and development.

In the renewable sector, particularly in the Wind farms, the most prevalent failures in Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) are those of sensitive electrical systems and critical mechanical components installed inside the nacelle and the tower. While mechanical failures are less frequent than electrical ones, they incur substantial costs, require extended repair times (such as gearbox replacements taking weeks), contribute to high maintenance expenses, and result in prolonged production losses, causing significant downtimes.

To address these challenges, variable data from sensors, including temperatures, oil pressure, bearing vibration, wind speed, and phase currents of WTGs, are accessible through the SCADA systems of WTG manufacturers.

In this project, MORE will provide comprehensive data spanning a period of 2 to 10 years for predictive analyses and maintenance purposes. 

Official web page: Motor Oil Renewable Energy

Ontotext (OT)

Ontotext is a leading semantic technology provider with 22 years of experience in this domain. Ontotext provides a complete set of semantic technologies enabling better content management, knowledge discovery and semantic search.

Leveraging on its leading NoSQL database engine – GraphDB – Ontotext assists organizations to model, link, classify, store, query and make the best use of heterogeneous and evolving data. The semantic approach makes data and content accessible, easy to select, aggregate, analyse, enhancing information retrieval and empowering knowledge discovery.

Ontotext offers solutions to a network of industry partners from the manufacturing field focused on building big knowledge graphs from huge amounts of company and transaction data and metadata, semantic modelling, tagging, content classification, recommendations, and other services around the semantic technology. Through the years Ontotext has received several awards as one of the most innovative companies in Bulgaria.

Official web page: Ontotext

Harokopio University of Athens (HUA)

Harokopio University of Athens is a public university dedicated to promoting research and learning in a small, well focused set of intellectual areas. HUA is a highly prestigious institution for Information and Communication Technologies. The Department of Informatics and Telematics (DIT) was founded in 2006 with a mission to advance Computer Science, primarily in the field of web/telematic applications, big data, machine learning and networking. The Department places strong emphasis on application domains such as internet technologies, digital transformation, e-business, e-government, e-health, advanced transport telematics,  etc.

HUA’s Intelligent Computer Systems and Applications (ICSA) group is set to enhance the UNDERPIN project, leveraging its expertise in ICT and intelligent systems. Specializing in knowledge-based cognitive networks, ITS, technology acceptance, and dataspaces, ICSA will drive UNDERPIN’s objectives in data management, analytics, and interoperability.

As a WP5 lead, HUA`s contributions include defining smart contracts within legal frameworks, identifying exploitable results, proposing new services, determining the best exploitation strategies, as well as handling standardization, legal, and ethical issues.

Official web page: Department of Informatics and Telematics at Harokopio University