Data Space for Manufacturing Excellence

Revolutionizing collaboration for European manufacturers, emphasizing data sovereignty and collaboration between SMEs and industry giants to drive innovation in products and services.


Establishing the UNDERPIN Data Space for Manufacturing in the fields of dynamic asset management and predictive / prescriptive maintenance that will ensure cross-organizational and cross-use-case data sharing and exchange.

Consortium Partners

Project Work Packages

Explore the core of our project through detailed work packages, each designed to push the boundaries of manufacturing excellence. This section outlines the specific tasks and goals driving us forward, providing a clear roadmap of our journey towards innovative solutions and sustainable practices.

Two dynamic pilots

Our pilots demonstrate dynamic asset management and predictive maintenance in real-world settings, showcasing UNDERPIN Data Space’s capabilities. Focused on refineries and wind farms, they highlight cross-domain data use, analytics, and key learnings, setting the stage for future Data Space applications.

Let`s meet!

Don`t miss an opportunity to meet us in person. Our partners are visiting different around the Europe and are open to meet you and discuss possible cooperation. Join us there!

1 October 2024, Budapest

Workshop III: Semantic Interoperability in Data Spaces

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2-4 October 2024, Budapest

European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF)

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Unlock your business potential

Be a part of our transformative journey as UNDERPIN pioneers a sustainable and secure Data Space. Join us, follow our progress, and stay tuned for opportunities to enhance your processes, streamline cost structures, and elevate material management through cutting-edge data analysis.

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